Impact 2050™ multi-year is an integrated and innovative entrepreneurial programme that aims to catalyze the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Asia Pacific.


About the Organizar

1. What is Impact Hub?

Impact Hub Manila was co-founded by Ces Rondario in 2015 and sets itself up as an incubation hub focused on purpose-driven entrepreneurs whose venture ideas have the potential to impact the lives of Filipinos at large scale. It is part of the largest incubation network in the world, Impact Hub, headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

Globally connected and locally rooted, the Impact Hub network is the largest network of impact driven entrepreneurs in the world. This resonated with co-founder’s vision of catalysing Filipino impact entrepreneurs to start and scale their ventures globally.

Four and a half years since it opened its doors, Impact Hub Manila has reached over 5,000 individuals through its events, trainings, incubation programs and funneled over 750,000 USD of cash grants and entrepreneurial support. 

2. Who are our Global partners?

Impact Hub Global is backed by respected corporations and organizations such as Bank of America, WWF, Argidius Foundation, Adidas, Cartier etc.

Locally, Impact Hub Manila’s Impact 2050 program is supported by DOST, DTI, DICT, DENR, DOE,  League of Cities of the Philippines, The Araneta Group, ADB, GIZ, PLDT, Smart, Microsoft, Dentsu Aegis Network, Forest Philippines Foundation, NutriAsia, PLDT, SMART,  WWF and KMC Solutions.

All projects and programs developed by Impact Hub Global and Manila always go back to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as we are the only incubator officially recognized by the UN Office in Geneva to tackle SDG via entrep and innovative solution.

3. Who is Ces Rondario?

Ces Rondario is a serial entrepreneur, social development expert, and mentor. She is the co-founder and CEO of Impact Hub.  

Impact Hub Manila’s Founder & CEO, Ces Rondario has been immersed in the social development community since she was 16. Having volunteered for a number of NGOs and local government units, she got exposed to providing livelihood training programs to marginalized communities where she realized that it was access to opportunities that made the difference between those who could advance themselves in life from those who could not. This fueled her vision of becoming an enabler in giving people a platform to execute their ideas. This vision eventually took form when in 2015, Ces spearheaded the establishment of Impact Hub in the Philippines.  

She has represented the Philippines and was part of a panel for a pitching event in Women20 Summit Berlin, a two-day workshop last March 28 and 29, 2017 where they collaborated and identified challenges women are facing in digital technology today. 

She has also presented in TEDx talk independently organized by Miriam College, titled “How Does Impact Happen”. Here, she talks about challenging what wanting to “change the world” and “make an impact” really means.


4. What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where a large group of people do collaborative coding/programming work over a set time period of 24 hours or more. It’s a programming challenge that’s a marathon. The goal of each participant/team in a hackathon is to create minimum viable products (MVPs) that could help solve real -world social problems while creating sustainable impact for communities.   

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5. Why are we doing this?

The goal of Impact Hub is to create measurable positive impact through entrepreneurial action delivered by our communities. As Impact Hub is one of the largest networks of impact entrepreneurs in the world (17,000+ hubbers in 100+ hubs across 50+ countries around the world), it is in our DNA to be developing this thinking and action to the for our communities in the Philippines and in the region.

6. What is impact2050?

Impact 2050™ is an integrated and innovative multi-year entrepreneurial programme that aims to catalyze the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Asia Pacific.

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Why 2050?

We at Impact Hub Manila believe that for impact to be truly relevant, it must be founded on a well-informed understanding of the current global and local issues with a mindset for sustainability and scaling up. As the United Nations (UN) and world governments prepare for #Envision2030, the agenda set by the UN for countries to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in the next 10 years, we are empowering our communities of global citizens, the youth, and our entrepreneurial actors to work for a much farther horizon, 2050, and have more space and time to develop their outputs towards large global impact and more nuanced local rootedness and relevance.

Additional information:

What are the components of the Impact2050 multi-year programme? 

      • Elevate National Startup Roadshow (July 2019 – Sep 2019) – This one-day bootcamp training was hosted in main cities around the Philippines, serving as an avenue where innovators are given info sessions where they learn about the real-life problem that they can solve, introduced to tools that they can use to solve it and promote to them Impact Hackathon as an avenue where they can turn their ideas into MVPs that can be supported and incubated by investors.
      • Impact Hackathon (Oct 30 to 31, 2019) – An official attempt to break a Guinness World Record under the category of  the World’s Largest Hackathon by October 30-31, 2019. The event will happen at Smart Araneta Coliseum and 10+ cities across the Philippines having a total of at least 7,000 heads in Manila alone and the rest from other cities.
      • 2050fest (Nov 19, 2020) – This is the ultimate final pitching and festival event for the program. 2050fest will open the Philippine Startup Week at the The Eye at Green Sun Hotel, Makati on November 19,  2019. The grand winners will be granted seed funding, access to networks, and coaching sessions within the Impact Hub system.
      • Incubate 2020 (Jan to Dec 2020) – This is Impact 2050’s year-long growth program starting this 2020, where startups will be given support and training by Impact Hub’s top mentors and partners. This step is part of the pockets of the Impact2050 to make sure that there is a follow through to the teams that will win in the event.

7. What is Impact Hackathon?

Impact Hackathon is the platform developed by Impact Hub Manila as the main event for its Impact2050 program.

It is a coding marathon over 24 hours to prototype a technology solution, whether a web or mobile app, or IOT solution of what seems to be impossible to a possible viable business in areas Climate Change, Smart cities, Education, Health and Agriculture.

What will happen at Impact Hackathon? 

Impact Hackathon is set to happen in Metro Manila and 12 cities across the Philippines having thousand of participants expected to create digital solutions that will solve real-world problems. All these participants will be developing ideas as teams while having onsite access to mentors and thought leaders from the Impact Hub network. 

What are the themes? 

The goal of Impact Hackathon is to create great-thinking solutions for social issues in the country and in the region. For Impact Hackathon 2019, our themes are Climate Change, Education, Agriculture, Health, and Smart Cities – these all refer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), and were chosen specifically as they form the most pressing and relevant concerns for the Philippines and in the region.

8. What is Reverse Hackathon?

The Impact 2050 is designed to create a collaborative Partnership among entrepreneurs and Corporations from ideation to incubation and acceleration. Corporate Executives will pitch the social problems and innovators will create a solution out of it. These social problems will be given on the day of the hackathon to give everyone an equal starting point and to make sure that all codes are fresh.

9. What to bring in the 24H Hackathon:

Laptops or Desktops, Water bottle (no to plastic or paper cups!), Sleeping bag, Extra clothes, Toiletries and deodorant, personal medication, and extension cords (upon discretion of city host).

Note: For Smart Araneta Coliseum participants, No extension cords are to be brought on the day of the hackathon as advised by the management. Do not worry because extension cords and extra sockets will be provided by the management.

10. Who can join?

How to join?

Students, professionals and scale-up startups are welcome to join. Sign up via the official website individually and teams will be formed on the day of the hackathon. Do not worry, if you already have a team in mind, just sign up individually and you can form your group on-site. Each team must have at least two members and at most five members. Not every team member should be a coder. Some team members can be focused on business development, finance, creatives, etc. The teams can join the Hackathon in Smart Araneta Coliseum or in any of 12 locations across the country.

See a listing of nationwide locations, and also register here:

11. What are the prizes?

Impact Hub Manila with its partners will be giving away prizes in cash, kind, and incubation support. Each prize will differ depending on the partner sponsoring the problem statement.

Regional winners outside of Metro Manila get to win:

Php 15K – Students
Php 20K – Professionals

Other inclusions:

  •  1 member of winning team flown to Manila for the Ultimate Pitch
  • Accommodation and Food covered from November 18 – 20, 2019

12. What happens after?

After the hackathon event, the winners and the best ideas will be presented in 2050fest (happening on November 2019). After that, they will be undergoing and incubation and start-up support process via Impact Hub’s Incubate 2020 program (running throughout 2020).

If you are not based in Manila, you can be incubated by Impact Hub Manila through the Technology Business Incubators in your city.

13. How to stay updated?

Keep yourself updated by following the following accounts Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.