Impact Hackathon Online 2020 aims to create sustainable digital solutions through a 5-day virtual hackathon. The event focuses on helping the country reboot its economy given the ongoing health crisis – COVID 19 through digitization.

Frequent Questions and Answers


What is Impact Hub?

We are one of the world’s largest networks focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale — home to the innovators, the dreamers and the entrepreneurs who are creating tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

The United Nations Office in Geneva acknowledges Impact Hub as a driver of community engagement, helping not only to foster but also to extend the efforts directed to tackle the SDGs via entrepreneurial and innovative solutions.


What is Facebook for?

This is where you can find all announcements, and reminders. Here you can also connect to our mentors, organizers, and other participants!

What is the Hackathon Platform For?

The Hackathon  Platform is where all participating teams will be submitting their projects. Judging and deliberation will be done through here and only projects submitted through this platform will be considered. Submissions through Slack, email, or any other means will not be accepted.

How can I communicate with my teammates during the Hackathon?

You’re welcome to communicate with your teammates through any channels you feel comfortable with! (Slack, FB messnger, Zoom, etc.)

Do I have to be online for the whole duration of the Hackathon

No. Given that it’s an online hackathon, your project will be considered as long as you submit on the platform on or before the deadline. However, you are encouraged to attend our learning sessions, and can reach out to our mentors

What do I need during the Impact Hackathon Proper?

>> Stable Internet Connection, Laptop, Cell Phone or Camera (to record your product demo), Tools you’ll need to complete your MVP.

When do we see the problem statements?

We will release all the specific problem statements in each vertical on August 17, 2020!

What do we do with the problem statements?

As teams, you will select a problem statement that you prefer to focus on and create a solution out of. 

Will we have mentors?

Yes, we will provide you mentors.

What criteria will be used for judging?

  • Technical Viability/Difficulty (30%) – Technically impressive. Did the technology involve AI, Big Data, Interface, etc.  
         – 5% of the Technical Difficulty criteria will be given to teams whose members have completed The Salesforce Level Up Challenge
  • Business Viability (30%) – Insightful valuation that this prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is viable for local business and scaling.
  • Social Index (20%) – Did the team solve a particular problem? Did they articulate the solution to the Jury Board?
  • Relevance (20%) – Does the solution solve the problem statement?

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